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BORUN Passed the Cleaner Production Certification
 Visits:   Updated: 2013-12-6     Source:本站原创

        On the afternoon of Dec. 5th, 8 experts from Zibo Economic Development Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau and Shandong University of Technology came to Borun for the acceptance check of cleaner production through series of reviews including site assessment, hearing reports and questions & answers. The final conclusion is that Shandong Borun Process Industrial Technology Corp., Ltd. passes the cleaner production certification examination with an evaluation result of “Excellent”. This honor not only embodies one more qualification for Borun but also reflects our important contributions to environmental protection which is significant for the long-term development of our company.

        “Cleaner Production Promotion Law of the People's Republic of China” was approved by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) of the People's Republic of China in the 28th Session on June 29, 2002. This Law is enacted in order to promote cleaner production, increase the efficiency of the utilization rate of resources, reduce and avoid the generation of pollutants, protect and improve environments, ensure the health of human beings and promote the sustainable development of the economy and society. In May 2013 our company established a leading group for cleaner production headed by our general manager and a working group headed by our production manager. Under the leadership and promotion of above two groups, all the related departments and workshops started to act positively. In May training sessions were conducted on the purpose and significance of cleaner production; in June the working group worked out the key control points and the goals for cleaner production after a pre-examination and evaluation on pollutant discharge; from July to September specific pollution prevention measures were discussed, confirmed and implemented; in October a summary report about the achievement of implementation was submitted to the competent authority for its acceptance check; in December Borun passed the audit organized by the competent authority.       

        This Cleaner Production audit has implemented 13 programs of no and low cost and 2 programs of middle and high cost, and the investment capital is 503,000 CNY while the economic gain is 915,900 CNY / year; after the implementation of these programs, annual emission of waste water will reduce by 2614 m3, annual energy saving will be about 130,000 KWh and annual reduction of welding materials will be 4 tons. 

        Cleaner production is one work only with starting point but without end and is a process of continuous improvement and development. After this round of cleaner production, our company has made some achievements but there is still behind the goal of “make greater efforts to improve China's capacity for independent innovation as well as energy and environmental conservation, and to enhance the overall quality of the economy and its international competitiveness” from the 17th CPC National Congress and there is much to be improved and perfected, therefore we need to establish scientific development view and strengthen innovation and management by multiplying our efforts; at the same time cleaner production shall be part of the plan for our normal production, operation, management and development so as to further promote our sustainable development and competitiveness.

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